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How do I optimize my tablet for use with Tiggly toys?

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2015 05:11PM EDT

Here are some handy tricks to help you customize your iOS8 settings and make it kid-friendly. Most of these tips can be used with any child-centered app, but they're especially useful in Tiggly's games!

  1. Disable "Multitasking Gestures." Little hands may accidentally swipe themselves out of one app and onto your Facebook feed. To prevent this, turn off "Multitasking Gestures" in Settings > General, which disables the iOS7 feature that lets you tab through open apps by swiping four fingers horizontally. 
  2. Turn on a timed passcode lock. Help maintain screen-time limits when you're not around to play police by enabling a timed Passcode Lock in Settings > General. Set it to "Require Passcode" after 15 minutes of idle time to keep the iPad locked after play time is over. And remember to keep the passcode a secret!
  3. Prevent in-app purchases. At Tiggly, we think it's important that your child NOT be able to download new games without your help. But some other kids apps do allow kids to purchase new content and games, leading to some very surprising credit-card statements. Head this off in Settings > General > Restrictions. First tap Enable Restrictions to set up a passcode, which adds a layer of security. Then turn the In-App Purchases slider to off.
  4. Enable "Guided Access." Want to prevent your child from exiting an app? Go to Settings >  Accessibility > Guided Access to turn on this feature and select a passcode (which does not have to be the same as your home-screen lock passcode). Then you can turn on Guided Access by pressing the Home button three times, tapping Start, and entering your passcode when you want to keep your kid in a single app. (Turn it off by pressing the Home button three times and tapping End.)
  5. Restrict sections of the screen. Say you want to restrict areas of the screen that your child can touch -- for example, the main menu in Tiggly Safari (shown above). Turn on Guided Access by pressing the Home button three times, then slide the Touch button to green. Draw a box around the main menu button and that section of the screen will not respond until you turn off Guided Access.
  6. Unlock new characters in Tiggly apps. Make sure you've installed the most recent version of Tiggly apps by tapping App Store > Update All periodically. You'll get new cute characters in the apps and it will also resolve any bugs that might have found their way into old versions.
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